It's always a thrill to see a hummingbird in the garden!

hummingbird, hover, honeysuckle

Hummingbirds visit my garden from March through September. It is easy to attract them to your yard. Just grow a variety of plants with brightly colored flowers. It's a good idea to use several kinds of plants that bloom at different times to provide flowers throughout the growing season. Tubular flowers usually contain large amounts of nectar for the hummingbirds to sip.

These plants are easy to grow in North Florida, and are definitely hummingbird magnets!

Trees and shrubs

acca leaves, feijoa leaves, pineapple guava leaves

Acca sellowiana

Feijoa, or Pineapple Guava, is an underutilized shrub that has it all: attractive evergreen foliage, pretty flowers and tasty fruit.

aesculus pavia, red buckeye, Sapindaceae Aesculus pavia

Red Buckeye is a small native tree with showy red flowers.

malvaviscus, turk's cap Malvaviscus Turk's cap


Aloe saponaria, succulent, Asphodelaceae

Aloe saponaria

Soap Aloe is a great low maintenance ground cover for sunny dry areas.

Erythrina, Coral Bean, native, hummingbird plant, Fabaceae Erythrina herbacea

Coral bean is a native plant with striking red flower spikes in the spring, and showy red seeds in the fall.

Salvia coccinea, Texas sage, hummingbird plant, Lamiaceae Salvia coccinea

Texas Sage is a colorful hummingbird magnet all season long.


Bignonia capreolata, crossvine, Bignoniaceae

Bignonia capreolata Crossvine

Campsis radicans, trumpet creeper, bignoniaceae, vine Campsis radicans Trumpet Creeper

cypress vine, Ipomoea quamoclit, convolvulaceae Ipomoea quamoclit

Cypress Vine is a delicate annual morning glory.

Lonicera sempervirens, coral honeysuckle, caprifoliaceae Lonicera sempervirens

Coral Honeysuckle is a beautiful native vine with tubular red flowers.

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