The coolest plants for the hottest garden


The fragrance of jasmine perfuming your home and garden.

Being greeted by butterflies and hummingbirds every morning and evening.

Adding a gourmet taste to your meals with your own fresh herbs.

Picking fresh tangerines in your own yard.

You can enjoy these pleasures and more.

This guide is full of practical advice that makes it easy to transform your landscape into a pleasurable oasis, designed to be in harmony with nature and your lifestyle:


A feast for the senses: colorful, fragrant and tasty!

A feast for the soul: a place to relax and play, and enjoy beautiful butterflies and birds.


Shades and cools your home

Provides privacy or screens unsightly views.

Provides fresh and delicious fruits, vegetables and herbs.

Provides habitats for wildlife, birds and butterflies.


Low maintenance, conserves resources, saves time and money.

If you're new to gardening, or new to North Florida, I can answer your most common and basic question:

What should I plant?

I show you the best plants that will thrive with minimal care and maintenance. And I explain simple things you can do to keep your plants healthy and beautiful.

This guide is the place to find the coolest plants, supplies, information and expert help you need to create the hottest garden in your neighborhood!

Just select a topic that interests you to get started:

Evergreen Plants
These evergreen plants retain their leaves and look great all winter.
Hummingbird Flowers
These plants that attract hummingbirds are easy to grow
Growing your own vegetables in North Florida
Let me show you how easy it can be to plant and grow your own vegetable garden.
Fruits, Nuts and Berries
Edible landscaping- Would you like to have fresh, natural fruits and nuts, practically free for the picking? These pages explain how to grow the best varieties for north Florida.
Garden Calendar for North Florida
The garden calendar has monthly guides for planting and caring for your North Florida garden.
Plant Identification
Free plant identification service!
Virtual Garden Fun
Garden related fun for a rainy day
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