Plant Identification

What’s this plant?

We’ve all spotted a plant and wondered what it was. How do you begin to look it up? If you don’t know the plant name, it’s very difficult to find more information about it, such as how to grow it or where to buy it.

Often the easiest way to find out is to ask someone. You can use the form below to send me pictures and a description of your mystery plant. I will identify your mystery plant for free!

1. Take clear photos of the overall plant form and close-ups of the stem with leaves and flowers or fruits (if any).

2. Upload photos of your mystery plant to your favorite photo site (such as

3. Copy the addresses of the web pages that host your images, then paste the links in the form below.

Fill out this form with as much information as you can. Describe the environment where it grows (for example, roadside or swamp or your backyard).

I’ll write back as soon as I can to let you know what it is.

Plant Identification Request

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