Salvia coccinea, Texas Sage

salvia coccinea, texas sage

Salvia coccinea seems to be the hummingbird's favorite plant in my yard. It blooms from early spring through fall. The flowers can be scarlet red, coral pink or white.

It is a native perennial that is very easy to grow in full sun to part shade. It will tolerate the dry season in the spring, but really takes off once the rains arrive. The plants grow huge and flower profusely all through the rainy season. It can grow to be a large clump about 4 feet around.

Texas Sage self sows exuberantly! I bought one plant when I first moved here, and its seedlings have sprouted up all around my yard. I never have to water or fertilize them. They grow so easily that pretty much the only maintenance required is pulling up the ones I don't need! It dies back with winter frosts, but will resprout from the roots in the spring. You might want to shear back the dead stems in the winter to make your garden look more tidy.

If you want a low maintenance plant that will keep the hummingbirds coming to your yard all summer long, plant some Texas Sage.

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