Aloe saponaria, Aloe maculata, Soap Aloe

aloe saponaria, aloe maculata, soap aloe, succulent

Aloe saponaria is a striking succulent plant that is very drought tolerant. It grows best in well drained sandy or gravelly soil, and will flower in sun or partial shade. The leaves grow in a rosette about a foot tall and a foot wide. They produce lots of daughter rosettes, forming a nice clump. These clumps can easily be divided and shared.

One of the things I like best about Soap Aloe is that they can produce flower stalks almost all year round. The flower stalks grow about 2 feet tall with many tubular coral colored flowers. These flowers are very attractive to hummingbirds.

Soap aloes are ideal ground covers for dry sunny areas. Even when they are not in bloom, the spotted leaves are very attractive, and they remain green all winter long. The only maintenance they require is the removal of old flower stalks.

Soap aloes are salt tolerant, so they are a good choice for coastal areas. They also grow well in containers.

If you want something easy and beautiful for a sunny spot, try Soap Aloe.

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