Ipomoea quamoclit, Cypress vine

ipomoea quamoclit, cypress vine. convolvulaceae

Imagine a lacy emerald green curtain sprinkled with hundreds of ruby red stars! Would you believe Ipomoea quamoclit is a type of morning glory?

This delicate twining vine is easy to grow from seed. It is best to plant the seeds directly in the garden. The seeds will germinate quickly if kept moist.

The photograph below shows what a cypress vine seedling looks like.

ipomoea quamoclit, seedling Cypress vine will grow and bloom all summer long in sun or partial shade in well-drained soil. Although it dies back in the winter, it will self sow and new plants will sprout up in the spring.

It looks beautiful on a trellis or fence, and its small red star-shaped flowers are attractive to hummingbirds.

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