Bulbine frutescens

bulbine, succulent, asphodelaceae, orange flowers, drought tolerant

Bulbine is an easy to grow, drought tolerant, succulent evergreen plant. It is related to aloes and comes from South Africa.

It thrives in full sun and well drained soil. The leaves can grow to 1.5 ft tall. This hearty plant can produce blooms almost all year long, from late winter through fall. The flower stalks are 2-3 feet tall. Each flower stalk is topped with small orange flowers with fluffy yellow stamens in the center. There is also a variety that has flowers that are all yellow.

It is very easy to propagate. Just divide the clumps and replant. It will grow into a new clump quickly.

Try planting Bulbine with Agapanthus for an orange and blue themed garden!

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