August Garden Calendar

Start planning for the fall vegetable garden.

Warm season crops, including beans, corn, cucumbers, peppers, pumpkins, tomatoes and squash may be planted in August for harvest in November and December.

Keep in mind when the first frost is expected for your local area, and plant accordingly!

Average dates of first killing frost during Fall in Florida

first frost date, map, florida

Image courtesy of University of Florida, Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (UF/IFAS)

Muscadine Grapes are beginning to ripen!

If you don't have room in your garden for your own grape vines, you can find muscadines at your local farmer's market.
You could also visit a local u-pick farm.

What's that plant?

clematis ternifolia, sweet autumn clematis

You may have noticed delicate white flowers in some of the roadside shrubs and hedgerows. It is one of two species of Clematis, either the native Clematis virginiana or the introduced Clematis ternifolia.

clematis virginiana leaves, virgin's bower

Clematis virginiana has leaflets that are lobed or toothed. The flowers are not fragrant. This native vine is also called Virgin's Bower.

clematis ternifolia leaves, sweet autumn clematis Clematis ternifolia has leaflets that are entire and smooth, and the flowers are fragrant. The common name is Sweet Autumn Clematis, and it is native to Asia. This species is sometimes called C. dioscoreifolia, C. maximowicziana or C. paniculata, although technically C. paniculata is a separate species native to New Zealand.

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